A Plaster Issue!!

A Plaster Issue!!

a1On Thursday this week a section of the Victorian coving came crashing down in church. We were fortunate nobody was in church at the time but the mess it left was awful.


For Sunday worship, we were advised by our architect that to be on the safe side we ought to cordon off the areas around the edge of the church while an expert checks it out and repairs are made.


Unfortunately the repair bit is the issue. We are insured for the damage cause by the fall (there was damage to a pew) but as usual the original damage with it being wear and tear and age isn’t covered, and should more need doing this is going to be a serious cost. While there are funds to cover it, it eats into the amount set aside to renovate the west end of the church with much needed toilets and kitchenette, and using these funds will delay this project, possibly indefinitely.


If you could spare a donation then we would be most grateful. Use the PayPal secure donation button or hand in to Amanda (the Vicar) or Gail or myself (Churchwardens).