Community Christmas Tree Festival 2022

The Community Christmas Tree Festival is a brilliant way of the local community coming together to create a unique experience for people in the area to enjoy.


Local organisations and businesses bring a tree to church, and decorate it to sum up who they are – with great effect! See below for examples of what we mean.

There is absolutely no charge for the event, and you are free to leave business cards and flyers underneath the tree for visitors to pick up.

The St Mary’s Christmas Fair takes place on the Saturday so visitors can enjoy both events.

For more information, please contact Neal Pinder-Packard ( and to sign up please fill in this very short form or scan the QR code. I’ll send you all the information you need! Remember, there is no charge to send a tree to the festival!

Click here to download the information leaflet for this year.

Please see below for examples of Christmas Tree designs from the 2021 festival and another church’s festival from years past. Remember, you can use the base to add items linked to your organisation e.g. business cards/leaflets and the decorations can be linked to your organisation as well – in fact, they are better if they are! Please be as imaginative and creative as you can!!

We will provide a sign to go in front of your tree with your organisation name on, but feel free to add other material of your own.

2021 St Mary’s Gallery

Other Church Gallery